Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pregnant woman

This wood sculpture, made at our home on 69th Street in South Miami, was purchased by, or simply given to a neighbor.


The Nort said...

I believe this piece was actually commissioned by Larry Glickman, who was a neighbor at the time as well as old friend from Palmetto High. He can give you more info, but he told me that the model was Richard's wife Rusty when she was carrying second son James. That's you in there, Jimmy!

The photo looks like it was taken in the old pump house in Richard's back yard, scene of many a bacchanal ...

Thea Summer Deer said...

It is so amazing to see this beautiful sculpture again. I was also a neighbor of Richard's and Larry's. It was a very artistic neighborhood. After graduating from Palmetto I studied art at Miami Dade and then became a midwife. This sculpture had a profound influence on me and inspired me to start collecting all manner of art relating to women. I also attended a number of the famous Halloween parties that Richard and Rusty were so famous for. This is all a major flashback! You can learn more about me, hear my music and see my photography at: I have also posted some photos from my family's private collection of the Musa Isle Indian Village from the thirties and forties, and where I lived as a child. You can see them at: